Courses / internships

Courses and Workshops are held in very small groups (2 people maximum )
The workshop-library will be transformed into a laboratory where everything is reinvented.

Instinctive drawing
by appointment

Acrylic paint
by appointment

Acrylic and mixed media painting in abstraction
by appointment

Soon available

Organisation of workshop

a) Discovery course and continuation of the work begun.
2 hours / 50 euros per person
90 euros for two people

b) Introduction to the above selected techniques.
2-Days courses from 10 am to 4 pm
280 euros per person including lunch and snacks
450 euros for two people including lunch and snaks

c) Complete technique. Completed work.
4-days courses from to 10 am to 4 pm.
580 euros per person including lunch and snacks
900 euros for two people including lunch and snacks

A list of supplies will be provited to you after you have confirmed your reservation by appointment.

Description of the proposesd techniques.

1) Instinctive drawing
At the centre of the courses, instinct takes centre stage. In this reduction of colour, from grey to black, the line remains the master and the final drawing will constitute a palette of emotions.

2) Acrylic paint
Starting from the line, the strength of the colour and dynamics of a technique carried by music are added.

3) Acrylic painting and mixed techniques
From line to colour, the material is added to the previous techniques with feather, sand and ash…

For further information or to register, please fill in the form below.

We will discuss your expectations, your project and define together a date for the course.